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May 17th - Anniversary Update
Week of Celebrations! Phoenix Mount and Divine Released!

LIMITED TIME: Free Donator Rank

Claim a FREE Donator Rank when you click PLAY NOW and log in for the first time! ::2K20 Event is currently running, and drops $5 Boxes! $350 Giveaway this week for New Players.


     • It is our one year anniversary! Party time!
           • Anniversary boss at ::anniversary.
           • Drops Anniversary Chest,  contains $1 scroll (common), anniversary masks (rare) and prosperity prayer scroll (legendary).
           • Boxes in the store for $1.
           • Anniversary Masks image.png.02fea42fab0b3d2c6051b98e2e69989f.png
                 • Masks give +10% DDR for box openings and +15% DR/DDR.
                 • Upgradeable into imbued versions, gives +35% DR/DDR.
           • Prosperity Prayer  image.png.660e1f28a7ba35a09362c28572a666e5.png
                 • Gives +2% DR for every scroll consumed, while prayer is active.  image.png 
                 • Obtainable from Marvel Raids (legendary drop), 2K20 Legendary Store, Anniversary Chests (legendary).
           • Veteran Rank
                 • For the players that have over 365 days since they joined, they will receive a Veteran Rank in-game.
                 • Gives +5% DR permanently.
                 • If you joined before July, PM an Administrator with proof of join date and they will manually set your Veteran Rank.

     • Start fashionscaping!
           • Locks your stats using ::lock.  image.png.65e533733339284f0ba52e0a782892e0.png              
           • CAN lock lucky charms, prosperity prayer.
           • Can NOT lock regional DR effects (minecraft helmet etc).
           • Obtainable through 2K20 in-game shop!

     • Weekly Boss Contest finally fixed, and released again!
           • Accessible through the Player Panel -> Boss Contest!
           • Prizes (for this week)
               image.png.c977e80dfde40ac106aababbc5c97fee.png   • 1st: 10x Masamune Boxes.  
               image.png.42638d82e0704fcd03843bbbab7ef21f.png • 2nd: 10x Glaive Boxes.                                                             
               image.png.020b9a00fc89ac91910c8c60aeb3051f.png   • 3rd: 10x $1 Scrolls. 
               image.png.f6f7db3424aed0920d27e7ce1264fc2a.png    • 4th: 5x $1 Scrolls.     
               image.png.85abf5c9a76a7451df5b5b45eca9c382.png   • 5th: 5x $1 Scrolls. 
coollogo_com-8849963.png.a1f7510a9be8671f16f9fc98180e83db.png                                   image.png.a18e1084bc271841aec6148dcfdaf44b.png       
     • 30 Day Rewards                                                                                                     
           • Accessible through the Player Panel -> 30-Day Reward                                        
           • Can still continue after missing a day.

     • We have implemented a new donator store as for the Anniversary, will be released soon.
     • Fixed players online interface.
     • Gave Server Managers their own Rank and Icon.
     • Fixed ironmen picking up other drops.
     • Suggestions Implemented this Update:
           • N/A





• Star Wars Release:
     • Star Wars Minigame Released
           • Type ::starwars to get started.
           • ::starwars
                 • Fight Clone Troopers Private to get Space Key 1.
                 • Fight Jedi's to get Space Key 2.
                 • Fight Clone Troopers Corporals to get Space Key 3.
                 • Fight Master Yoda to get Space Key 4.
                 • Fight Darth Vader to get Starwars Chest Key.
           • Darth Vader Set     image.png.c1e8fdcd0c2be6184f64c849b19a09cf.png
                 • Gives permanent 2000 HP when worn.
                 • Can use soulsplit and food, won't reset your HP.
           • Darth Vader (I) Set                                                                                                      
                 • Gives permanent 2000 HP when worn.
                 • Can use soulsplit and food, won't reset your HP.
                 • Gives scaling Dharoks effect (3x dmg when health is 1% or lower, 1.5x dmg at 50% hp, etc..)
                 • Gives 10% extra drop rate when HP is 99 or below.
           • Darth Vader Saber   image.png.9118742f8f2292d91b8777b3a83218e4.png                                                                  
                 • Force Thunder Special (999k damage)

• Other Changes:
     • Cerberus, Corporeal Beast, Vorago now gives boss points.
     • Suggestions Implemented this Update:
           • #214 Boots and Gloves bosses now gives boss points.
           • #210 Titans and DBZ now gives boss points.
           • #187 Cannons are now out of the general store.